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Sunday – Thursday | 10:30am – 8:30pm 
Friday & Saturday   | 4:00pm – 10:00pm

    Getting Here

    AlBahie Building 22c | Katara Cultural Village | Doha,Qatar

    Exhibitions, programs and auctions are free and open to the public.

    AlBahie invites all collectors, enthusiasts and curiosity seekers to visit our galleries and explore the many unique and one of a kind objects on offer.

    For more information and the latest details follow @albahie on Instagram.

    اكتشف الدار الجديدة لمزاد الباهي في القرية الثقافية “كتارا” الدوحة/ قطر، التي ستستضيف مزادات متنوعة خلال العام إلى جانب المعارض والنشاطات الخاصة

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    AlBahie Auction House engages our community of local and international collectors with monthly auctions, selling exhibitions and special events to nurture the discovery of our shared cultural history and to further the understanding and communication between different cultures. A first of its kind for the region, AlBahie is an essential stop in Doha’s dynamic art scene.

    AlBahie is located within Katara Cultural Village a place of cultural exchange for the arts in an exceptional location and dedicated to excellence in all areas of cultural production including Cinema, Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre.

    At AlBahie, we strive to expand our business development by aiming to keep up with the ever-changing auction market, both locally and globally.

    Ashraf Abu Issa
    Founder Of AlBahie