Middle Eastern Modern and Contemporary Art

The AlBahie Modern and Contemporary Art department is proud to present Modern and Contemporary Artists from the region. In addition it will stimulate a conversation with artists from other regions and a cross-cultural understanding.

The establishment of numerous galleries and auctions dedicated to the sale of work by artists from the Middle East reflects a continued and growing interest in the work produced by a culturally diverse group of artists. Contemporary Middle Eastern Art not only denotes artists living in the Middle East but also in exile or living abroad reflecting a complex heritage expressed in multitude of art-forms.

The market for Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art has matured to become one of the fastest growing art markets over the past several years reaching an ever increasing and sophisticated group of collectors from the region and internationally.

AlBahie, in its permanent location in Doha, Qatar, will be showcasing artists from the region and holding auctions, exhibitions and events to promote contemporary art.

الفن المعاصر للشرق الأوسط

يتشرّف قسم الفن المعاصر للشرق الأوسط في مزاد-دار الباهي- بدعمه الفنانين المعاصرين في المنطقة والفنانين الصاعدين ومساعدتهم على إدراج أعمالهم الفنية وعرضها من خلال مزادنا .
لا يشمل الفن المعاصر للشرق الأوسط فنانين من مناطق الشرق الأوسط فحسب، بل يشمل من هم خارجها أيضا،خاصة الذين يعكسون الإرث الثقافي المشرقي في أعمالهم .


We are currently seeking consignments for upcoming sales. Please contact our office for auction estimates and consultation.

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