AlBahie Auction House is located in Building 22c, Katara Cultural Village. Join us for a live auction or pre-auction exhibition to discover the unique and one-of-kind objects on offer and begin your collection today. 

Katara Cultural Village is a place of cultural exchange for the arts in an exceptional location and dedicated to excellence in all areas of cultural production including Cinema, Visual Arts, Music and Theatre.

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اكتشف الدار الجديدة لمزاد الباهي في القرية الثقافية "كتارا"  الدوحة/ قطر، التي ستستضيف مزادات متنوعة خلال العام إلى جانب المعارض والنشاطات الخاصة .

Katara Cultural Village
Building 22C
Doha, Qatar

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